Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the ordinary

You may be wrong when you say that being religious is difficult. The truth is there is only one thing required of you--total faithfulness to God.

This devotion can become a part of your life in active and passive ways. You are actively loyal to God when you keep his commandments. Passive loyalty is a loving acceptance of whatever God sends you every moment of every day.

God does not require of us more than we can deliver. Could anything be fairer or more sensible? He will not push you beyond your strength and capacity.

Your life is made up of innumerable trivial activities. If they are done in the right spirit, this is enough to satisfy God. We do our part and God does the rest....

This is what it means to be holy. It may be difficult to see, but there is nothing hidden or secret about it. God offers holiness to us everywhere, all the time. We will receive it in great quantity from both friends and enemies. There is no better way to be "religious" than by finding God in everything that comes our way each moment.

--Jean-Pierre de Caussade,
Abandonment to Divine Providence

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