Saturday, November 15, 2008

Keep your gaze fixed

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"I have told you again and again that I am coming.

I tell you I am here.

I tell you I am with you.

The time is now at hand. I have need of you.

Rise up; rise up but draw together around me.

Do not look yet to the battle that lies ahead. Look only to me.

Draw near to me. My arms are wide enough and great enough to embrace you all.

Draw near to me.

Draw near to my heart for I will reveal my plans to you,
and I will show you the part that I have given you to play.

You are little, you are small, but I can use you.
It is not your power; it is mine.
It is not your will; it is my Spirit.

Keep your gaze fixed on me.

Rise up from the bench. Gather around Me.

Stay very near to Me and I will speak, says the Lord."

--Word of God Community

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