Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Third, Love

  • Have I told God today that I love Him?
  • Do I tell Jesus that I love Him with my whole heart?
  • Do I take the occasion to tell God that I love Him whenever I experience something I naturally dislike?
  • Have I capitalized on the difficulties today to tell God that I love Him just because He sent me the trial or misunderstanding?
  • Do I see God's love for me in allowing me to prove my love for Him in the crosses He sent me today?
  • Have I seen God's grace to prove my love for Him in every person whom I met today?
  • Have I failed in charity by speaking unkindly about others?
  • Have I dwelt on what I considered someone's unkindness toward me today?
  • Is there someone that I consciously avoid because I dislike the person?
  • Did I try to carry on a conversation today with someone who is difficult to talk to?
  • Have I been stubborn in asserting my own will?
  • How thoughtful have I been today in doing some small favor for someone?
  • Have I allowed my mood to prevent me from being thoughtful of others today?
  • Am I given to dwelling on other people's weaknesses or faults?
  • Have I been cheerful today in my dealings with others?
  • Do I control my uncharitable thoughts as soon as they arise in my mind?
  • Did I pray for others today?
  • Have I written any letters today?
  • Have I controlled my emotions when someone irritated me?
  • Have I performed any sacrifice today for someone?
--John Hardon, S.J.

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